Jerod Edington began his life in Spokane, WA on a September 15.  Always the little entertainer and bundle of radiant energy, he became involved in theater acting and landed the lead of his school play in the fifth grade.  He took drama classes all throughout school, performing in numerous plays.  Portraying the supporting role of Jem in "To Kill a Mockingbird" and the lead in "Huckleberry Finn" were some of his early highlights.   In between high school sports, Jerod contributed his talents to various other plays, including the hilarious farce comedy "Noises Off."

     The energy and excitement of the film and television industry had always appealed to his enthusiastic temperament.  Jerod produced and acted in his first video when he was 16, which was 10 minutes in length.  It was shown at his high-school’s assembly to 2,000 students and was met with an overwhelmingly great response.  He and his friends continued making short videos throughout school, exploring the compelling arts of acting and film-making.

      Jerod had other goals after high school though, and he went to college to become a doctor. He earned a pre-med degree (B.S. Zoology) from the University of Washington in Seattle.  While studying, he worked in a cancer research lab, doing radiation research for NASA, and co-authored a front cover article in ‘Biotechniques’ magazine.  Towards the end of college, he could not keep his passion subdued and began taking drama classes concurrently with his sciences.  He ultimately was cast in some plays at the University and began to focus more time on acting.

      After his Junior year, on a whim, he landed a supporting role in a professional video production at the onslaught of the digital revolution.  This changed his life, as he had so much fun taking part in it.  He knew he had found a job that truly impassioned him and was now willing to commit his life to the pursuits of film acting.  Jerod began taking studio and private acting classes, while researching the industry to become as informed as possible.  Once he graduated, he was cast in over 25 projects around town.   After preparing in the Seattle market, he decided it was time to compete in the big leagues of Hollywood, so off he went, leaving his friends, family and college degree.

      In LA, Jerod started booking projects right away.  He was fortunate to cross paths with Jacob Fenton, who became Jerod's agent and rock.  Focusing on independent films and 35mm student shorts to better his actor’s demo reel, he's completed lead roles in over 40 films.  He has worked in Vancouver, Martha's Vineyard, Hawaii, Rosarito, Louisville, Las Vegas, Oregon, all over California, and many other exciting places.  He has begun booking roles on TV show such as ER and JAG, he has done a few national commercials, and he even played the lead in the large budget video game, GUN, using motion capture technology. 

     Jerod continues to study his craft and improve his talent, and he recently completed the lead role as a young man with terminal cancer in the feature film "My True Self" that is sure to garner some great exposure.  He shot another feature in Las Vegas in December, playing a psychotic antagonist in a thriller/horror film.  From the young leading man roles to the murderous bad boys, he carves out his characters and breathes life into the screenwriter’s words and director's vision.

      Being an actor stirs his soul, tests all limits of his persona, and affords him the opportunity of finding his deeper self.  Each and every day presents to him an uphill battle as he strives to secure a life-long career doing what he loves.  He has found that in the increasingly competitive times, one cannot progress in the saturated acting business without an intense work ethic, steadfast confidence, and aimed focus.  And like everyone who works with him says, we should expect big things from Jerod in the near future.