What People are saying...

"On 'Star Party' we were in our forth week of casting with no lead yet.  I was starting to wonder if anyone out there had that leading quality, that screen charisma I was looking for and needed, finally Jerod walked in the room. You could tell he had "it" by just his presence.  I didn't even need him to read, he had the role, yet he wanted to read anyway. We did the shoot, he was great to work with and we were lucky to have him.  Definitely one to watch move up."
       -PAUL CURLEY,  Director of "Star Party"

Jerod is a rare find. His professionalism is astounding, his dedication remarkable, and his attitude inspiring. I hope to work with him for many years to come.  I had a casting call and in the audition scene, there was a part where the character freaks out and screams into the camera. None of the actors I saw that day screamed. They were passionless and uninteresting. Then Jerod came in for the call, he calmly and methodically acted the scene up to that part,  then screamed so instinctively and suddenly that he literally became the character before my eyes. He was perfect. I'll never forget it. Talk about first impressions."
        -JOHN GREY,  Director of "The Man"

"Jerod kicks ass!"        -MARK SHOEMAN,  Director of "Intervention"

"As a collaborator, Jerod Edington is dedicated, giving and game for anything.  His enthusiasm for the filmmaking process makes him a true pleasure to work with.  Jerod is irresistible on screen and has terrific comedic timing.  With dramatic roles you can see that he relishes the opportunity to dig into the character.  I've worked with Jerod on two films and look forward to teaming up again in the future."
      -JACQUELINE SCHAEFFER,  Director of "Black Box" & "My Neck Hurts"
"Toward the end of our shoot, Jerod and I were talking and I thanked him for being the lead in our film.  I even revealed to him that until he walked in the door to audition, I had been having second thoughts about working on the film,  But when I saw his emotional power and gift for acting, I knew we would have a magical final project that would be well worth everyone's time and energy."
     -ALISON GOTTLIEB, Producer of "My True Self"

"I have had the opportunity to work with Jerod on several projects and have always found that he approaches each role with unlimited enthusiasm and skill. He is easily one of the hardest working actors that I have ever encountered and takes his work very seriously. Jerod comes to the set ready to work. The amount of preparation that Jerod puts into a role is impressive. He's the type of actor you can collaborate with: he brings his own great ideas, but is quick to understand and follow direction. Jerod is gifted, intelligent and a lot of fun to have on set. There is always a role waiting for him in any of my future projects."
       -RICHARD VALENTINE,  Director of "Run" & "Rites"

"It's an honor and a pleasure to finally work with an actor who not only is remarkably talented, but who is professional and dedicated to the vision of the film. "
       -MICHAEL AZZARELLO,  Director of "Night Without Justice"

"Casting is often a monotonous jumble of auditions; they often blend together into one forgetful, mediocre blob.  But as soon as Jerod read, I knew the role was cast.  Jerod's natural, almost second-nature ability to dive into a role is like finding an oasis in the desert.  He doesn't step into a character's shoes - his shoes become the character's.  The Wedding Videographer was the most stressful film I have ever shot.  After the writing, re-writing, producing and directing there was nothing more welcoming than Jerod's positive out-going, no bull-shit, get-the-job done attitude.  Very few actors commit themselves to a project in every possible way like Jerod does.  There is nothing as refreshing for a director than seeing an actor dive into a role and put aside everything else so your story is told.  I have never had an actor as dedicated to a film, as he was.  I once had the nerve to ask Jerod if he'd want to shoot in a torrential down pour with 50 mph winds.  We needed the shot, and I knew he wouldn't say no.   I am forever grateful.
      -BEN KUKLA,  Director of "The Wedding Videographer"

I hope to work with Jerod again.  The moment he began his audition, I knew he was the one.  He is so talented, so on target with his performance and so dedicated to making a film the best it can be.  There is no hint of ego or pretense with this guy.  Just a damn fine actor who delivers the goods.
      -KENNY SELKO, Director “Alone”